The privilege of a lifetime is to become
who you truly are

-- Carl Jung --

Why Therapy

Why therapy can help you?

Therapy might be the right option for you if you are going through a difficult time or you simply feel like you need change. You may be experiencing:

  • A life transition e.g becoming a parent, relationship breakup, moving
  • Anxiety
  • Excessive stress or worry
  • Relationship/Family difficulties
  • Abuse (Physical, sexual or emotional)
  • Past or present traumatic experiences
  • Health or wellbeing issues
  • Desire to change but don’t know how?
  • A sense of wanting more from life/being lost in life
  • Confusion as to why you feel the way you do

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a form of talk therapy.

You can benefit from psychotherapy if you are experiencing any issues that are negatively affecting your life. It is a space just for you, allowing you time to discuss and process your thoughts, behaviours, emotions and feelings in a comfortable and safe setting.

I work with people at their own pace. We only discuss what you want to talk about, there is never any obligation to discuss anything you do not wish to talk about.

We work together to find ways for you to gain a better understanding of how you really are at present and what are the root causes that have made you feel, behave or think this way.

A psychotherapists role is not to fix your issues but rather a supportive role which empowers you to access all that is within yourself, connecting you with your innate ability to heal yourself, in order to help you move forward in life.

Psychotherapy is not just for people who are experiencing issues that are affecting them in a negative way, it is also used for self-development and growth purposes. Psychotherapy helps you connect with your own infinite potential.

A key component in psychotherapy is the relationship between the therapist and the client, psychotherapists are professionals who are specifically trained to relate to and work with people, the way they are currently presenting.

I work with you to build a trusting, authentic relationship where you feel fully free to be your true self.

What is the difference between Counselling and Psychotherapy?

Although similar, there are some differences.

Counselling is generally shorter-term work. Counselling often centres on behaviour patterns and encourages the change of behaviour. It helps people identify problems and crises and encourages them to take positive steps to resolve these issues.

It is used as a support to help clients function better in day to day life. Psychotherapy is a longer, more in-depth process.

It helps people with problems that have built up over the course of a long period of time.

Psychotherapy is a way to work towards uncovering the foundation of the issues and discover ways to address them in the most effective manner.

It will help you understand your thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours more clearly.

Both are talk therapies which provide you with a way of dealing with change psychologically.

Entering into any form of counselling or psychotherapy requires a firm commitment on the part the client, and open communication to gain maximum benefits.


My name is Samantha Fitzgibbon. I work with adults who are in need of support, with issues including anxiety, stress, relationship issues, trauma, abuse, loss, family difficulties, self- esteem, health and wellbeing issues and personal growth.

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